In a culture where our mothers, grandmothers and great ancestors know of the goodness of natural products and their long-term effects to the skin, we, ourselves have been using Argan Oil for our hair and skin since we were children. All the products you will see in our website now and for years to come, had been tried by us before they got to your hands. Masinisa began as a dream, a simple idea that we have turned into a company. This has taught us that the impossible is possible and that when there is a will there will always be a way.


Masinisa’s mission isn’t only to offer natural products to all the beautiful people (everyone is beautiful, and beauty comes from within first and foremost) in this planet, but it has a mission to empower women and to cooperate with non-profit organizations in every field from education to water supplies and so on. The first step towards this project has been implemented this year when we developed an organization, which helps women from disadvantaged backgrounds to work and provide for themselves and their children a living. This organization will be responsible in providing our company with the needed natural ingredients for our skin cares line and for all lines planned to launch in the coming up months. We believe that the key to a better generation is a more knowledgeable and empowered woman. A generation that will have the sense of corporation and love to everyone everywhere regardless of Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, …


Many may ask why we chose Masinisa as a name for our brand. Well Masinisa was the first king of Numidia, and he was the first to unite the African tribes. We hope that under our Masinisa of the 21st century all nations in the world unite, and we all share respect and love to one another.


The Masinisa Team hope that you all lovely people join us in this venture in every possible way, and grow with us throughout the coming years.



With love,


- About The Brand -